Images are the fast food of the internet. Working quickly, they trigger an instant emotional response. Joy. Desire. Outrage. Fear. Pick one. Time is tight and video is easy. Sometimes, that’s really all you need.

Words, on the other hand, are the essential elements. They connect the dots and fill in the blanks. While some messages can be delivered effectively without a single word, others need copy to do the heavy lifting.

I’ve honed my skills with six years as a journalist, a decade as an art director, and more than a dozen years as a freelance writer. Developing a range of styles from formal academic to friendly blog, editorial, press release, web page or feature, I work to deliver clear messages that are accurate, intelligent, and engaging, with appropriate tone and comprehension level.

Additionally, academic credentials in biology have enabled me to clearly translate complex scientific processes into readable, useful text for the lay audience.

I continue to write for the luxury audience about wine, yachts, travel, and other upscale topics. Recognizing the privilege of the experience, I have also noticed the growing influence of sustainability on luxury goods and service providers.

Focused on The Intersect, that space where abundance exceeds need and impacts on resources are minimized, I have found the sweet spot where today’s luxuries live. I’d like to put that expertise to work for you.